What is a Viewfinder?

A viewfinder is a device on a video or film camera that allows the operator to preview what will be captured by the film or digital sensor. It’s an essential tool for filmmakers, video editors, influencers and YouTubers as it aids in framing the shot, focusing, and exposure control.

Importance of a Viewfinder in Video Production

In video production, a viewfinder is an invaluable tool that serves a variety of purposes:

  • Composition: The viewfinder lets you see the exact frame of the shot before capturing it. This helps in deciding the best composition for the scene.
  • Focusing: It allows you to manually adjust the focus on a certain subject to make sure it stands out in the video.
  • Exposure Control: With a viewfinder, you can keep an eye on the exposure settings and ensure that the shot is not under or overexposed.

Types of Viewfinders

There are primarily two types of viewfinders used in video production:

  • Optical Viewfinders: These are typically found on film cameras and DSLRs. They use a system of mirrors to display the scene exactly as it appears to the naked eye.
  • Electronic Viewfinders: Commonly found on digital cameras and camcorders, these display an electronic representation of the scene. They often provide additional information like exposure settings and histograms.

Choosing a Viewfinder

Choosing a viewfinder depends on your specific needs as a video creator. If you prefer a ‘what you see is what you get’ approach, an optical viewfinder might be suitable. However, if you want more information and tools at your disposal while shooting, an electronic viewfinder would be a better choice.


In conclusion, a viewfinder is an integral part of video production that aids in creating high-quality videos. Whether you’re a filmmaker, video editor, influencer, or YouTuber, understanding and making the most out of your camera’s viewfinder can significantly improve your work.

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