Ultra Wide Lens

What is an Ultra Wide Lens?

An Ultra Wide Lens, as the name suggests, is a type of camera lens that provides an extremely wide field of view. Widely used in both photography and videography, these lenses offer a broader perspective than what the human eye can usually see. They are perfect for capturing expansive landscapes, tight interiors, and dynamic, all-encompassing shots.

Understanding the Ultra Wide Lens

An Ultra Wide Lens has a focal length typically less than 24mm (in 35mm format), this means it can capture more of the scene in a single shot. It’s a tool that can provide dramatic perspectives, emphasizing the depth and distances between objects.

Key Features:

  • Wide field of view: The main feature of an Ultra Wide Lens is its broad field of view, which is ideal for shooting panoramic landscapes or working in tight spaces.
  • Depth of field: The Ultra Wide Lens typically has a deep depth of field meaning that most of the scene, from close objects to far ones, will be in focus.
  • Distortion: While providing unique and creative perspectives, Ultra Wide Lenses can also create noticeable distortion. Straight lines may appear curved at the edges of the frame. However, this can be mitigated using lens correction features in editing software.

Why Video Editors and Filmmakers need an Ultra Wide Lens?

For video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers, an Ultra Wide Lens can be a valuable addition to their toolkit. It offers a unique perspective that can make their content stand out.


  • Expanded perspective: You can capture vast landscapes or city skylines, as well as tight interior spaces, all in a single shot.
  • Creative storytelling: The distortion effect created by Ultra Wide Lenses can be used creatively to emphasize certain elements within a scene or create a sense of drama.
  • Improved camera stability: The wide field of view of these lenses reduces the appearance of camera shake, making handheld videography smoother.


In conclusion, an Ultra Wide Lens can be a powerful tool for video content creators. It offers a unique perspective, enhances storytelling potential, and improves video stability. Whether you’re capturing sweeping landscapes or filming in tight spaces, an Ultra Wide Lens opens up a world of creative possibilities.

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