Rack Mount

What is a Rack Mount?

A Rack Mount is a standardized frame or enclosure designed to house multiple electronic equipment modules. Each module has a front panel that is 19 inches (482.6 mm) wide, including edges or ears that protrude on each side which allow the module to be fastened to the rack frame with screws.

Why is a Rack Mount Essential for Video Editing?

For video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers, a Rack Mount is an essential piece of equipment for numerous reasons:

  • Space Efficient: Rack Mounts are designed to stack equipment in a compact and organized manner, which helps save valuable workspace.
  • Increased Productivity: Having all your equipment neatly organized in one place can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity.
  • Easy Maintenance and Upgrades: With a Rack Mount, maintaining and upgrading your equipment becomes a lot simpler as everything is centrally located.

Choosing the Right Rack Mount for Video Editing

When it comes to choosing the right Rack Mount for your video editing needs, there are several factors to consider:

  • Size: Rack Mounts come in different sizes, measured in units (U). Make sure to choose the right size depending on the number and size of equipment you intend to mount.
  • Build Quality: Opt for a Rack Mount with a sturdy build to ensure it can support the weight of your equipment.
  • Accessibility: Choose a Rack Mount that allows easy access to your equipment for maintenance and upgrades.
  • Price: Rack Mounts can vary significantly in price. While it’s important not to compromise on quality, do consider your budget.


A Rack Mount is an essential tool for video editing professionals. It not only helps in organizing your workspace but also increases productivity and simplifies maintenance and upgrades. Therefore, choosing the right Rack Mount is crucial to ensure a smooth and efficient video editing process.

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