Parfocal Lens

What is a Parfocal Lens?

A parfocal lens is a type of camera lens that remains in focus even when adjusting the focal length or zoom. This means that once you’ve focused on a subject, it will remain in sharp detail whether you zoom in or out. This feature is particularly useful for video creators who want to maintain a consistent focus while changing the framing of their shots.

Why is a Parfocal Lens Useful for Video Production?

Consistent Focus

The primary advantage of using a parfocal lens is its ability to maintain focus throughout the entire zoom range. This eliminates the need to constantly refocus, allowing you to capture smooth, seamless footage.


Time is of the essence in video production. The parfocal lens saves you from the hassle of refocusing each time you alter the zoom, leaving you with more time to concentrate on other aspects of your shoot.


With a parfocal lens, you can change your shot’s framing on the go without losing focus on your subject. This is particularly beneficial for dynamic shots where you need to zoom in or out to emphasize certain aspects.

Considerations when Choosing a Parfocal Lens


Parfocal lenses tend to be more expensive than their varifocal counterparts. Therefore, it’s important to consider whether the benefits of using a parfocal lens outweigh its cost.

Brand Compatibility

Ensure that the parfocal lens you choose is compatible with your camera brand. Some lenses are designed specifically for certain brands or models.

Zoom Range

Depending on your shooting needs, you may require a lens with a specific zoom range. Remember to check this specification before making a purchase.

In conclusion, a parfocal lens is a valuable tool for any video creator looking for consistency and flexibility in their footage. Whether you’re a filmmaker, a YouTube influencer, or a video editor, understanding and utilizing this type of lens can significantly enhance your video production process.

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