Open Gate

What is the Open Gate format in video production?

The Open Gate format is a method utilized in video production that allows filmmakers to capture the maximum resolution possible from a camera sensor. This format captures the entire height of the sensor which provides more flexibility in post-production for actions such as re-framing, stabilizing, and vfx composition.

Why Use Open Gate Format?

Open Gate format is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Maximum resolution: Open Gate format captures the entire height of the sensor, giving you the highest resolution possible for your footage.
  • Flexibility in post-production: The extra coverage can be useful for re-framing, adding effects, or stabilizing your footage in post-production.
  • Future-proofing your work: With higher resolution, your work is future-proofed for new, high-resolution display technologies.

How to Use Open Gate Format?

To use the Open Gate format, you’ll need a camera that supports it. The Arri Alexa, for instance, provides Open Gate functionality. Once you’ve confirmed your camera supports this format, you can enable it in your camera’s settings.

Considerations while using Open Gate Format

While Open Gate offers many benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Increased data usage: Since you’re capturing more data, your storage needs will increase.
  • Post-production time: The additional resolution may require more processing power and potentially increase your post-production time.
  • Lens coverage: Make sure your lenses can cover the full sensor area. Some lenses may vignette or lose sharpness at the edges when used with Open Gate.


The Open Gate format offers filmmakers and video editors maximum resolution and flexibility in post-production. However, it’s important to consider the potential increase in data usage, post-production time, and lens compatibility when choosing this format. The advantages of Open Gate format, however, can significantly outweigh these considerations, making it a popular choice among video professionals.

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