Inverse Telecine

What is Inverse Telecine?

Inverse Telecine, often referred to as IVTC, is a technique used in the post-production process of film editing. Its primary function is to restore the original frame rate of films or videos that were altered for television broadcast, typically from 24 frames per second (fps) to 30 fps.

Why is Inverse Telecine Important?

Inverse Telecine is essential in the world of video editing and filmmaking for several reasons:

  • Maintains Original Quality: By restoring the original frame rate, IVTC ensures the video maintains its original quality.
  • Prevents Video Artifacts: It aids in eliminating video artifacts that can occur due to the frame rate conversion, such as ghosting or judder.
  • Optimizes Storage: Restoring to the original frame rate can reduce the video file size, optimizing storage space.

The Process of Inverse Telecine

The Inverse Telecine process involves several steps:

  1. Detecting Telecine: The first step is identifying the sections of the video that have undergone the telecine process.
  2. Decompression: The video is decompressed to allow for frame-by-frame analysis.
  3. Frame Matching: The frames are matched with their original counterparts.
  4. Recompression: After the original frame rate is restored, the video is recompressed.

Using Inverse Telecine in Video Editing Software

Most video editing software has built-in tools that can perform Inverse Telecine. For instance, in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can find the ‘Remove 24p Pulldown’ option under the ‘Interpret Footage’ settings. In Final Cut Pro, the IVTC process can be implemented using the ‘Conform’ function.


Understanding and utilizing Inverse Telecine can significantly enhance the quality of your video projects, making it a vital tool for video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers. By maintaining the video’s original frame rate, you can ensure the highest possible quality for your audience while minimizing storage space.

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