What is Interlacing in Videos?

Interlacing refers to a method of displaying video images that was commonly used in older analog television systems. It involves splitting each video frame into two fields, with one field containing the even lines and the other field containing the odd lines. These fields are then displayed alternately, resulting in a flicker-free image on the screen.

How does Interlacing work?

Interlacing works by displaying half of the image at a time, alternating between the even and odd lines. This technique was developed to reduce the bandwidth required to transmit video signals and to overcome technical limitations of early television systems.

Advantages of Interlacing

  • Interlacing helps in reducing the perceived flicker on analog displays.
  • It allows for a smoother display of motion as each field is displayed for a shorter duration.
  • Interlacing helps in preserving bandwidth, making it suitable for analog transmission systems with limited capacity.

Disadvantages of Interlacing

  • Interlacing can result in visual artifacts known as interlacing artifacts, especially when viewing on modern devices such as LCD or LED screens.
  • It can introduce jagged edges and comb-like effects on fast-moving objects or diagonal lines.
  • Interlacing can also lead to issues when capturing or editing video footage, as deinterlacing may be required to achieve a progressive scan look.


To overcome the limitations of interlacing, deinterlacing techniques are used to convert interlaced video into a progressive scan format, where each frame is displayed as a whole instead of split into fields. Deinterlacing helps in improving the visual quality of video content, especially when viewing on modern digital displays.

Video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers should be aware of interlacing and its implications when working with video footage. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of interlacing can help in making informed decisions while editing, exporting, and delivering video content for various platforms and devices.

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