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What is Insert Editing?

Insert Editing, in video editing parlance, refers to a technique where new content is inserted into a pre-existing video without altering the rest of the content. This method allows video editors to substitute a section of a video with new content, which is seamlessly integrated into the original video.

Understanding Insert Editing

Insert Editing is a crucial tool for video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers, among others. The ability to insert new content into an existing video without having to re-edit or re-render the entire video saves a significant amount of time and effort. This technique is especially beneficial in cases where there is a need to correct errors, update content or add new information to a video.

How Does Insert Editing Work?

Insert Editing works by pinpointing the exact frame where the new content needs to be inserted. The editor then replaces the original content in that section with the new content, ensuring that the transition between the old and new content is seamless. This is achieved by careful frame matching and color grading.

Key Points to Remember about Insert Editing

  • Insert Editing allows for the addition of new content into an existing video without disturbing the rest of the content.
  • The process involves pinpointing the exact frame for insertion and replacing the original content with new content.
  • This technique is useful for correcting errors, updating content, or adding new information to a video.
  • Despite being a simple concept, Insert Editing requires precision and attention to detail to ensure the transition between the old and new content is seamless.


Insert Editing is a powerful tool in the arsenal of video editors. It allows for seamless integration of new content into existing videos, making it a time-saving and efficient method for video editing. Whether you are a filmmaker, influencer, or YouTuber, mastering the art of Insert Editing can significantly enhance your video editing skills.

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