In and Out Points

What are In and Out Points in Video Editing?

In and Out Points are crucial markers set by video editors in the timeline of a video editing software. These points define the beginning (In Point) and end (Out Point) of the portion of the footage that is to be included in the final edit. By marking these points, editors can isolate specific sections of a video clip for addition, removal, or other modifications.

Importance of In and Out Points

Understanding the use of In and Out points can significantly improve your efficiency and precision in video editing. Here are some key reasons why these points are essential:

  • Streamlined Workflow: By predefining the segments you want to work with, you can avoid unnecessary footage and focus on the parts that matter.
  • Precision: In and Out points allow you to select the exact frames from where a video segment begins and ends, ensuring precision in your edits.
  • Control: Utilizing these points gives you greater control over the editing process, letting you easily modify or rearrange segments as needed.

How to Set In and Out Points?

The process of setting In and Out points varies across different video editing software, but the general steps are similar:

  1. Open the video clip in your editing software.
  2. Scrub through the video and find the start of the segment you want to include in your final edit.
  3. Mark this as your In Point.
  4. Continue scrubbing to find the end of the segment.
  5. Mark this as your Out Point.

Once set, the segment between the In and Out points can be edited, moved, or deleted as per your requirements.


In conclusion, mastering the use of In and Out points is a fundamental skill in video editing. It can not only streamline your workflow but also allow you to make precise edits with greater control. Whether you are a filmmaker, a video editor, a YouTuber, or an influencer, these markers can significantly enhance your editing process.

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