What is a Glidecam?

A Glidecam is a hand-held device used in video production to stabilize and balance a camera in motion. This tool is essential for video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers who aim to create smooth, professional footage.

What is the Function of a Glidecam?

The primary function of a Glidecam is to reduce the impact of operator movements, providing a cinematic, smooth look to your video footage. It’s designed to keep your camera perfectly balanced, regardless of how you move, turn, or navigate. This is crucial for those who want to achieve steady, flowing shots, especially when filming while moving.

Key Features of a Glidecam

  • Easy to use: Glidecams are designed to be user-friendly, with most models requiring little setup and ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the balance and stabilization depending on your camera’s weight and your specific needs for each shot.
  • Versatile: Glidecams can be used with a variety of cameras, from DSLRs to film cameras, making them a versatile tool for any videographer.
  • Portable: Most Glidecams are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around on location.

How to Use a Glidecam?

Using a Glidecam involves balancing your camera on the device and then moving with it to capture your footage. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Attach Your Camera

Mount your camera onto the Glidecam’s platform and adjust the platform until your camera is balanced.

Step 2: Balance the Glidecam

Adjust the weights on the bottom of the Glidecam until it is completely balanced. This step may take some time, but it’s crucial for getting smooth footage.

Step 3: Operate the Glidecam

Hold the Glidecam’s handle and move with it to capture your footage. Practice moving smoothly and steadily to achieve the best results.


A Glidecam is an essential tool for anyone involved in video production, whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a YouTube content creator. By providing stability and smooth movement, a Glidecam can significantly enhance the quality of your footage.

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