Gain Control

What is Gain Control in Video Editing?

Gain Control is a feature in video editing that allows you to adjust the brightness level of your video without affecting the colors. It is an essential tool for video editors, filmmakers, influencers, and YouTubers, as it can enhance the overall visual quality of the video content, specifically in low-light conditions.

Understanding Gain Control

Gain Control can be compared to ISO in photography. It amplifies the signal in your camera to make the video brighter, which can be particularly useful when shooting in low-light settings. However, it’s crucial to understand that increasing gain also increases noise or grain in the video, affecting the quality.

When to Use Gain Control

  • Low-light scenarios: Gain control is most useful when you’re shooting in conditions with inadequate lighting. It helps brighten the video without the need for additional lighting equipment.
  • Artistic purpose: Sometimes, video creators intentionally add grain to their footage for an artistic or vintage effect. In such cases, increasing the gain could serve the purpose.

How to Use Gain Control

Most video editing software provides the option to adjust the gain. The steps might differ slightly, but the general process involves:

  1. Selecting the clip you want to adjust.
  2. Finding the gain control setting in the video effects or color correction menu.
  3. Adjusting the gain level to your preference. Remember, the higher the gain, the brighter the video, but also the more noise.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Gain Control


  • Enhanced brightness: Gain control allows you to brighten up your video footage without additional lighting.
  • Greater control: You have more control over your video’s visual output with gain control, allowing you to create the desired mood or effect.


  • Increased noise: While gain control can brighten your video, it can also introduce noise or grain, which can detract from the video quality if overused.


Understanding and effectively using gain control can significantly improve your video editing skills. However, be mindful of the potential for increased noise and always strive for a balance that best serves your content and audience.

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