Fish Eye Lens

What is a Fish Eye Lens?

A Fish Eye Lens is a specialized type of ultra-wide angle lens that is designed to capture an extremely wide, hemispherical image. It is named after the fish-eye because it mimics the way a fish would see an underwater view. With a field of view of up to 180 degrees, this lens is particularly useful in creating a unique, distorted visual effect that is sought after in certain photography and videography applications.

Benefits of Using a Fish Eye Lens

Dramatically Wide Field of View

The ultra-wide perspective of a fish eye lens allows filmmakers to capture more of the scene in a single shot. This is particularly useful in shooting landscapes, large crowds, or any scene where you want to convey the scale and breadth.

Unique Visual Effect

Fish eye lenses create a distinctive visual distortion that can add a surreal, dreamlike quality to your shots. This can be a powerful tool for storytelling, allowing you to create moods and effects that are not possible with other types of lenses.


Despite their specialized design, fish eye lenses can be surprisingly versatile. They can be used in a variety of settings, from action sports videos to music videos, documentaries, and more. Their unique perspective can add a fresh, dynamic look to your footage.

How to Use a Fish Eye Lens Effectively

Embrace the Distortion

The distortion created by a fish eye lens is its defining feature, so don’t shy away from it. Use it to create striking, eye-catching images that draw the viewer in and make your footage stand out.

Experiment with Angles

The extreme wide angle of a fish eye lens gives you a lot of room to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Try shooting from high or low angles, or use the lens’s distortion to your advantage by placing subjects near the edge of the frame.

Use in Moderation

While a fish eye lens can create stunning visuals, it’s important to use this effect in moderation. Overuse can make your footage feel gimmicky or disorienting. Balance out your fish eye shots with other types of shots to keep your visuals varied and engaging.

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