Field of View

What is Field of View?

Field of View (FOV) is a term used to describe the observable area a person can see through their eyes or via an optical device. In the context of filming and video production, FOV can also refer to the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment by the camera.

Understanding Field of View

The Field of View is an essential concept in video production and editing. By adjusting the FOV, you can control how much of the scene your camera captures. This can greatly affect the viewer’s perception and experience of the video, making it an essential tool for filmmakers, video editors, influencers, and YouTubers.

Different Types of Field of View

There are three primary types of FOV that you may encounter in your video creation journey:

  • Horizontal Field of View: As the name suggests, horizontal FOV refers to the extent of the observable world that is seen at any given moment horizontally. It is a crucial factor in creating panoramic or wide-angle shots.
  • Vertical Field of View: Vertical FOV, on the other hand, refers to the viewable area going up and down. Adjusting the vertical FOV can be useful in shots where height is a significant aspect of the scene.
  • Diagonal Field of View: Diagonal FOV measures the viewable area on a diagonal. It is typically the largest FOV and is particularly relevant when working with wide aspect ratios.

Why is Field of View Important?

Understanding and manipulating the Field of View can greatly impact the storytelling in your videos. Different FOVs can create different moods, emphasize different aspects of a scene, and help guide the viewer’s attention. A wider FOV can give a sense of openness or grandeur, while a narrower FOV can create a sense of intimacy or focus.

How to Adjust Field of View

The FOV can be adjusted through a variety of means, including changing the camera lens, adjusting the camera distance, or digitally in post-production. Each method has its advantages and considerations, so it’s vital to understand them to make the best choice for your video project.


In conclusion, the Field of View is an essential tool for video creators. By understanding what it is and how to use it, you can take your video projects to the next level and create truly engaging content for your viewers.

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