Data Wrangler

What is a Data Wrangler?

A Data Wrangler, in the context of video production, is an expert who is responsible for managing, storing, and ensuring the integrity of digital data captured during filming. This role is crucial, as it helps to ensure that the captured footage is safely stored and ready for post-production. Data Wranglers are also known as Digital Imaging Technicians.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Wrangler

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a Data Wrangler can provide valuable insights into the post-production process of video-making.

  • Data Backup: The primary responsibility of a Data Wrangler is to back up the footage from the camera cards onto hard drives or other storage devices.
  • Data Management: They organize files, keep track of the storage devices, and ensure that the data is easily accessible for post-production.
  • Data Quality Check: They typically check the integrity of the data to ensure that there is no corruption or loss.
  • On-set Support: They may also provide on-set technical support related to the camera and storage devices.

Importance of a Data Wrangler in Video Production

A Data Wrangler plays a crucial role in the video production process, particularly in terms of ensuring data safety and efficiency.

  • Data Protection: Data Wranglers protect valuable footage from being lost or corrupted. They ensure that all data is backed up properly and stored securely.
  • Efficient Workflow: By managing and organizing the data, they help to streamline the post-production process, making it easier for editors and film-makers to access and work with the footage.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Their role in preventing data loss can save considerable time and money that may otherwise be spent in re-shooting.


Understanding the role of a Data Wrangler is essential for anyone involved in the video production process, including video editors, film-makers, influencers, and YouTubers. By ensuring the safety and accessibility of digital footage, a Data Wrangler helps to streamline the post-production process and protect the valuable assets of any video project.

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