Butterfly Frame

What is a Butterfly Frame in Video Production?

A Butterfly Frame, also known as a Silk or a Rag, is a tool commonly used in video production and filmmaking for light diffusion. It’s a large, usually square or rectangular frame that holds a piece of diffusing material, which softens the lighting on the subject of the video or film.

Understanding the Importance of a Butterfly Frame

The Butterfly Frame plays a vital role in video production and filmmaking. The primary purpose of this tool is to manipulate the quality and direction of light. Here’s why it is essential:

Control Over Lighting

– The Butterfly Frame allows video editors and filmmakers to have more control over their lighting, making it possible to create specific moods or tones in their videos.

Softens Light

– It softens the light source, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more flattering light for subjects. This is particularly beneficial for close-up shots or interviews.

Reduces Light Intensity

– Butterfly Frames can also be used to reduce the intensity of light, useful in situations where the natural light is too harsh, such as a sunny outdoor location.

Using a Butterfly Frame for Video Production

To use a Butterfly Frame, you need to position it between your light source (either natural or artificial) and your subject. Adjust the frame’s angle to achieve the desired light diffusion. Remember, the larger the frame, the softer the light.

Choosing the Right Butterfly Frame

Butterfly Frames come in different sizes and materials, each with their unique impact on light:


– Silks: They provide a softer light and are great for close-ups.

– Solids: They completely block light, useful for creating shadows or negative fill.

– Nets: They reduce light intensity without diffusing it.


– Small Frames: Ideal for close-ups or small scenes.

– Large Frames: Perfect for lighting larger scenes or multiple subjects.

In conclusion, understanding and utilizing Butterfly Frames can drastically improve the lighting and overall quality of your video production. Whether you are a video editor, filmmaker, influencer, or YouTuber, mastering this tool can significantly elevate your work.

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