Boom Pole

What is a Boom Pole?

A Boom Pole is a long, telescopic pole used predominantly in film and television production. It is designed to hold a microphone at one end, allowing audio engineers to capture high-quality sound from a distance without being in the shot. The pole extends and retracts, enabling the user to adjust the mic’s position according to the scene requirements.

Why is a Boom Pole Essential in Video Production?

The boom pole plays a vital role in video production for several reasons, such as:

  • Sound Quality: It allows the microphone to get close to the actors or source of sound, ensuring optimal audio quality.
  • Flexibility: The extendable and retractable feature of the boom pole gives the flexibility to adjust the microphone’s position as per scene requirements.
  • Non-Intrusive: The boom pole allows the sound team to stay out of the frame but still capture high-quality audio.

Choosing the Right Boom Pole for Your Production

When selecting a boom pole, consider factors such as:

  • Length: Choose a length that suits your shooting needs. Consider the scenes you frequently shoot and select a pole that will comfortably reach your subjects without being too large or unwieldy.
  • Weight: Boom poles can become heavy when extended fully, especially when supporting a microphone. Pick a pole that’s light enough to handle comfortably.
  • Material: Boom poles are available in various materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, and others. Each material has its pros and cons regarding weight, durability, and cost.

Using a Boom Pole Effectively

Using a boom pole isn’t just about holding it over the actors. Some tips for effective usage include:

  • Hold the pole at an angle to avoid casting shadows on the actors.
  • Try to minimize movement to avoid handling noise.
  • Keep the microphone pointed at the actors’ mouths, not their heads.


In conclusion, a boom pole is an indispensable tool for any video production, allowing for superior sound capture while keeping the crew out of the frame. By considering factors like length, weight, and material, you can choose the right boom pole for your needs, improving the quality of your video productions significantly.

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