Best Boy

What is a Best Boy?

A “Best Boy” is an essential role in the production crew of movie making, television shows, and video shoots. Typically, they are the chief assistant to the gaffer or the key grip. They are fundamentally responsible for the smooth operation of the lighting or grip department, ensuring all equipment is available and functioning correctly.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Best Boy

As the chief assistant in the lighting or grip department, the Best Boy has a myriad of responsibilities. They ensure the smooth running of the department, and their roles include:

  • Handling paperwork: They are responsible for ordering, managing, and returning all the equipment needed for a shoot or production.
  • Coordinating crew: They coordinate the crew members of the department, assigning tasks and ensuring they are completed on time.
  • Maintaining equipment: They ensure all equipment is in good working condition and manage repairs and replacements as necessary.
  • Ensuring safety: They are responsible for the safety of the crew members, ensuring the workplace is safe and all safety procedures are followed.

Importance of Best Boy in Video Production

The role of a Best Boy is crucial in any video production. They ensure the smooth running of the shoot, preventing any delays that could increase production costs. They are the backbone of the production, ensuring the gaffer or key grip can focus on their creative roles without worrying about logistical issues.

How to Become a Best Boy?

Becoming a Best Boy usually involves starting at the bottom of the grip or electrical department and working your way up. Experience in the industry, a solid understanding of lighting equipment, and excellent organizational skills are key prerequisites for this role.


In conclusion, the role of a Best Boy, though often overlooked, is critical in video production. They manage the nuts and bolts of the lighting or grip department, ensuring that the creative team can focus on bringing their vision to life. Whether you’re a filmmaker, video editor, influencer, or YouTuber, understanding the role of a Best Boy can help you appreciate the complexity and coordination needed in video production.

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